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At the Socialpreneur Group, we believe the future of business is not only the amount of profit your company makes or how many employees you have (although both are important), we believe in the positive impact you have on your customers, your community and the world.

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Engage with an influential, growing community of Social Entrepreneurs and expand your social impact.









What Is The Socialpreneur group?

We are a collective exclusively for entrepreneurs making a difference, not as an after-thought, but as an integrated part of their business strategy.

We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business, their knowledge and their network by providing  access to:

  • A growing community.

    Connect with social entrepreneurs in your community and internationally.

  • Member led learning.

    Learn from peers with years of experience in running and growing a social enterprise.

  • Structured monthly meetings.

    Meet once a month with your group and focus on building yourself, your business and your social impact.

  • Tickets to events.

    Access to any Socialpreneur Group event which includes featured speakers/experts.

  • Expert led training.

    There are four training days in the year led by an expert in the field of Financial Growth, Strategic Growth (Sales/Marketing), People (Team Building/HR) & Social Impact.

  • Member led, member grown.

    Each member has a role in the group and actively participates in holding one another accountable.

  • Custom Content.

    We have partnered with some amazing people to bring you customized content on how to grow all areas of yourself and your business.

Who Can Join?

Do you need to be running a Charity or Not-For-Proft?




Although we do have some members who run these types of organizations, the majority are Profit For A Purpose business owners and operators, or what people call, Social Entrepreneurs.


Does your company exist to make society better?


Does your business exist to remedy some of society’s problems while still making a profit.


Are you a socially conscious individual who generates social value from his/her efforts?


Whether your company sell’s life changing products, is active in social giving, addresses social issues like health, inequality or education – all of these forms qualify.


Remember – Profit For A Purpose, that is the filter.


Learn From Experienced Social Entrepreneurs.

What would you give for the ability to tap into a group of 6-10 fellow Social Entrepreneurs who can offer you direction and insight based on their years of experiences? Connect with an exclusive chapter in your city and build life long connections with other CEO’s, Founders, Directors and key stake holders of world changing organizations.

Member Led, Confidential, Peer-Sharing Program.

Your group is designed to meet your unique needs as a Social Entrepreneur and help you reach new measures of success and impact. Held monthly, your group meetings allow you to dig deep, personally & professionally in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Fun, Personalized, Meaningful.

Your membership gives you a monthly mastermind with a hand picked group based on your unique individual needs, access to four full day training on 4 key areas to grow your business and a local event that brings together Social Change Makers.

Experts, Growth, Customized.

We understand that Social Business can have different challenges from the normal 100% for profit companies. This is why we have found experts in building Social Enterprises to support you and answer the tough questions you have about your business.

Ready To Join The Revolution?

Apply Now and connect with the people you need to grow your business and have more impact on the world.

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Engage with an influential and growing community of Social Entrepreneurs.

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